Saudi Arabia Seeks to Expand Its Non-Arab Alliance

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Since Saudi Arabia began its aggression against the Yemeni people in an operation known as “Decisive Storm”, the Saudis launched simultaneously a wide spectrum diplomatic campaign targeting all major countries and the regional ones.

Since the first moments of launching the Saudi aggression on Yemen, the Saudi embarked on attracting greater number of states that would participate in the aggression when it announced the participation of ten countries in the Saudi-led coalition.

Back then, Saudi Arabia announced the participation of a non-Arab country, Pakistan. Few hours later, Pakistani political and military sources denied its participation in the aggression. However, Pakistan did not want to upset its Saudi alliance, so it chose a diplomatic neutral position that would neither upset its Iranian neighbor, nor its Saudi ally. The Pakistani Minister of Defense, Al-Khawajah Assef, said “Pakistan did not decide yet, and a political and peaceful solution to the present problem is preferred.” He also stressed that defending the sovereignty of the Saudi territories is a must in case of any threat. The Saudi desire did not stop at Pakistan. The Afghani presidency announced its support and endorsement of the Saudi military operation. It also stressed “the right of Saudi Arabia in defending itself.”

The Saudi diplomatic campaign has also reached Senegal. Last week, the President of Senegal visited Riyadh, and met the Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz. The Saudi exultation with this foreign visitor as the Saudi King himself welcomed the Senegalese President at the airport and the extreme hospitality he received him with.

Few days later, the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev visited Riyadh last Sunday. He also met Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz. Neither of them expressed the purpose of the visit. The Saudi official news agencies settled with saying that “the visit aims to discuss the prospects of the bilateral cooperation between the two countries, and the ways of enhancing them in various fields.”

Post to this visit, the Saudi official news agencies said that the Salman Ibn Abdul Aziz seeks to expand its coalition to other countries, where these new allies would participate in the military aggression against Yemen. The news agencies add that the Saudi Arabia is making great diplomatic efforts in the region and the world in order to reach this goal.

In the same context, Saudi analysts pointed out that Saudi Arabia, after being able of successfully ending the testing phase of its military operations in Yemen, has begun its intense diplomatic activity. This diplomatic activity aims to get the support of the major countries in its wars in the region. In addition, Saudi Arabia aims to gain their participation in this war.

Regarding the Saudi policy, according to a former Arab Diplomat – who asked for anonymity, the recent visit of the President of Azerbaijan comes in harmony with the foreign Saudi policy which aims to unite the largest possible number of Arab and Muslim countries, and to gain its support of the Saudi political and military projects in the region. These projects intend to remove any possible threat that targets the interests of Saudi Arabia or any of its allies, even if the Saudi interests necessitate violating the sanctity of a country other than Yemen.

The Arab diplomat added, “Despite the absence of military officials in the visit of the President of Azerbaijan to Riyadh, this does not hide the Saudi desire in the participation of Azerbaijan in the future military operations in Yemen. It is likely to witness in the near future a military coordination between Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan reflecting this desire.”

The Saudi activity comes as a translation of a Saudi desire to earn an international aspect to its aggression against Yemen. In this case, it would not appear anymore as an aggression carried by Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, and a few enslaved poor Arab states – who have been bribed with the Saudi Riyal. It will turn into an international issue, done by countries in the world for the sake of preserving world peace. This is a Saudi attempt to legitimize the war waged on the unarmed civilians of Yemen. It is a move to justify killing hundreds of innocent civilians under the rubble of their homes, and destroying a country that used to be a neighboring brother.

The Saudi Aggression against Yemen: A Flagrant Violation of International Laws.

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