Case of Sexual Harassment in ARG to Be Send to Court

The Afghan Human Rights Commission says allegations of sexual harassment of women in government offices, especially in the Presidential Palace (ARG), have been documented and are being sent to court.

The Afghan Human Rights Commission announced today Tuesday, November 05, that a special secretariat has been set up to investigate the allegations.

Shabnam Salehi, head of the commission’s special secretariat, told the media that the case of allegations of “sexual harassment of women in the afghan presidential palace” would be sent to the Attorney General Office.

She stated that the results of their investigations would be made available to the ARG (presidential palace) and Attorney General Office at the same time.

The Special Secretariat for the Investigation and Documentation of Allegations of Sexual assault of Women in Government Offices was established months ago by President Ashraf Ghani and under the framework of AHRC.

It was tasked with investigating and documenting all allegations of sexual harassment of women in GOs and NGOs within three months.

However, about five months ago, former adviser to the President, Habibullah Ahmadzai claimed that prostitution was going on in ARG and GOs.

Subsequently, the allegations were further substantiated, and there were even allegations that some of the women candidates for the House of Representatives had won votes through a special team in the ARG.

A while ago, ex-adviser to the President, Farkhondah Zahra Naderi, also claimed in a television program that the president had been asked to marry and after her rejection, she, her brother, and one of his relatives had been dismissed from government duties.

But the Afghan presidential palace (ARG) has always denied these allegations.


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