Erdogan Subordinated Europe With Terrorists Transit

KABUL: (MEP) Referring to Turkish achievements from European negotiations after the refugees crisis began, in a dialogue with the journalist of the newspaper Time, an expert in Foundation for Science and Politics of Germany Dr. Gunter Sufert said, Turkey understands that EU alone can’t protect its borders. In the past Turkey was a candidate for EU membership and weak in comparison with Europe, but with the refugee crisis the situation reversed because Europe today needs Turkey more.

Dr. Gunter Sufert

However, one may not say that EU is on its knees against Turkey, he said, because terrorists transit to the EU territory paved the way for the current situation and now we see the political consequences of this policy based on which nowhere is safe in Europe today.

Turks chose the worst way for its EU accession and dumping the refugee influx brought us a lot of insecurity. Turks pursue their security goals under the guise of supporting war refugees and humanitarian aid and today we see terrorists easily go anywhere in Europe and are able to do whatever crime they want. This is the result of Erdogan’s designed plan for making Europe need Turkey which is is irresponsible and dirty.

Dr. Gunther Sufert’s statements can be retrieved on his personal Facebook page.



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