Three-Week Anti-ISIS Operation Ended in Nangarhar

160EED14-A0DC-4C77-8582-EE51253B9FC6_cx15_cy19_cw85_w900_r1_s_r1KABUL: (MEP) Operation against the Islamic State of Iraq and State (ISIS) terrorist group under the name of Shaheen-18 aimed at suppressing the group has successfully ended in Achin district of Nangarhar province.

Nangarhar media office said the terrorist group suffered heavy casualties during the clearance operations against the terror group that was launched for 21 days.

Around 300 members of the ISIS group have been killed during the operations, the statement by Nangarhar media said, adding that security forces also managed to take control of some parts of the district.

The operations by the Afghan forces were launched amid concerns that ISIS members were looking to expand foothold and turn the region into a regional operational base.


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