Chance of Nuclear war between North Korea and U.S.

Political and military experts on the possible war between North Korea and America have raised questions about how war will begin.

The United States, several days after its assault on the Syrian Arab Air Base with winged missiles, swept numerous naval forces and equipment into the waters of the North Korean Peninsula, led by Carl Vinson an Aircraft Carrier, according to Al-Alam News Network.

North Korea also reported that it had tested a hydrogen-powered bomber, which was confirmed by Japan, and noted that the power of the Hydrogen Bomb is ten times stronger which has been tested and a 6.3-magnitude earthquake in North Korea have been recorded.

It is unlikely that the United States will make an attack on the country because its forces in East Asia have more than 70,000 troops.

The largest threat to the United States in a possible war is the Seoul-based South Korean capital, the city is about 24 kilometers from the North Korean border and 10 million people living in the city will be targeted at the beginning of the war. Other cities in South Korea will not remain safe as a result of the devastation of North Korea.

On the other hand, Japan is also threatened because the North Korean test missile passed over Japan a few days ago. So North Korea can launch missile strikes against the United States (South Korea and Japan). It can also target 4 US foundations in Japan and US ships around North Korea.

Given the military capabilities of North Korea and the Russian-Chinese opposition to the possible war, the question arises as to whether America will pursue a military option.


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