As Australia Fires Rage, Crews Airdrop Vegetables to Feed Starving Animals

13 Jan 2020

KABUL (MEP) – In an attempt to save the billions of starving animals trapped in Australia’s bushfires, the New South Wales government reportedly dropped over 2177 Kilograms of vegetables Sunday, using helicopters and airplanes to access the area.

On Sunday, helicopters loaded with boxes of sweet potatoes and carrots flew over bushland and canyons.

“Operation Rock Wallaby” was commissioned to send thousands of vegetables from the sky to feed brush-tailed rock wallabies — an endangered species at risk of extinction, The Sun reported.

According to a recent estimate from the University of Sydney, over 1 billion animals already may have died as officials warned that Australia’s wildfire season — which generally would last through March — was nowhere near its end.

In total, over 130 bushfires have claimed the lives of 26 people and destroyed at least 3,000 homes, so far.




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