IECC: Ballots of 2500 More Sites To Be Recounted

12 Jan 2020

The Independent Election Complaints Commission (IECC) says about 30 percent of the electoral complaints are assessed, so the votes of 2555 sites will be assessed.

The IECC has assessed 6,871 complaints so far. Meanwhile, 16,596 complaints were filed in IECC out of the scheduled time.

IECC officials say that of the total number of complaints, 6,871 have been seen, 7,698 are pending, and 2,000 more have been dismissed.

Investigation of the registered complaints shows that the votes of 2555 electoral sites need to be recounted, most of them in Nangarhar, Ghazni, Kunar, Nimroz and Herat provinces, said commissioners in IECC.

According to the IECC calenderer, the results of the investigations should be made available to the Election Commission 39 days after the complaints are officially submitted. It is not defined yet that either it happens or not?



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