America the only target of North Korean nuclear missiles

20 Aug 2017

Rejecting all propagandas about nuclear attacks over other countries from North Korea`s soil, Pyongyang declared the only target of nuclear weapons of North Korea is the United States of America but no threat to other countries.

Based on political analysis America’s hostile policies and power thirsty are the big reasons for the North Korea`s possible nuclear attack to the US territories.

Rudong Sinmon newspare associated with the Ruling Labor Party of North Korea in a report wrote North Korea`s nuclear weaponries threat no other country except America.

“Other countries will be safe against North Korea`s nuclear missiles unless they stand with America and act against North Korea” North Korea declared

North Korea`s official emphasized their nuclear weapons have been made through a transparent process not to scare the world but to defend, to deal with US attacks.

Posters published in six different shapes of North Korea`s missiles show the USA soil is targeted.


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