The “Independence Day” marked in Baghlan/ Women absent!

20 Aug 2017

Asad 28th, the 98th anniversary of Afghanistan Independence was marked with dance, stomp and sport show by people gathered in Pul-e Khomri in Baghlan province.

Celebrating the Independence Day happily after some years, the celebrants called insecurity the big reason behind not honoring this national day in recent past years.

In presence of Baghlan provincial officials, the national anthem, sport show and a soccer match were performed to celebrate the Independence Day.

Participants being happy with the almost okay security situation which let them mark this national day, in their talk to The Middle East Press called for setting security and eradicating extremism by government.

Mohammad Usman, the Baghlan provincial deputy sports director and organizer of the celebration event, told The Middle East Press that marking Asad 28th, the anniversary of Afghanistan independence, revives the past honors in people`s minds and encourage people to boost unity among each ethnic and tribe.

“Participants from different ethnics and tribes of Afghanistan called for peace and eliminating insecurity in the country” he added

Abdulhai Nemati, the Baghlan provincial governor, in his speech ask people to say no to split and strengthen national unity by patriotism.

Meanwhile, General Ekramuddin Sari`a, the Balghlan police commander, describing the security situation improved than the past months, hoped clearance operation in insecure areas like Dand-e Ghuri and Dand-e Shahabuddin in Pul- Khumri begin soon.

Although the 98th Independence Day ceremony was glorious enough and participants kept happiness till the end but absences of women was questionable.

Baghlan is a province where women attendance in social activities is high and the women affairs and culture and information directorates run by women, absence of women as a big gap had made the ceremony patriarchal.

“Threat may have been the reason behind women`s not coming to the celebration” participants said


The “Independence Day” in Baghlan/

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