Amazing Proposition; all Tanzanian male MPs should be circumcised

A female MP in Tanzania has called for circumcision of all her male colleagues

According to Middle East Press International Section; “Jackline Ngonyani” made this confrontational proposition during a public debate in parliament about how to curb the spread of HIV in the country, which faced conflicts in the Parliament.

Mrs. “Jackline Ngonyani” proposed that an inspection be carried out to determine whether their male colleagues are circumcised; if not, they should be circumcised to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

Meanwhile, another MP Joseph Selasini supported her suggestion. However, a number of MPs opposed Ms Ngonyani’s proposal, describing it as uncouth and invasive.

According to the World Health Organization (who), around 70 per cent of the male population in Tanzania is circumcised and around 5 per cent of Tanzania’s adult population is believed to have been infected by HIV.


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