New Steps of Khalilzad’s Journey for Afghan Peace

11 Feb 2019

The US State Department’s special envoy for Afghanistan peace has begun a new step of regional journeys.

According to Middle East Press; the journey has begun by last night to expedite peace talks and operations and Zalmay Khalilzad is scheduled to travel to Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar and Afghanistan.

The US State Department newsletter indicates that Khalilzad will pursue peace efforts with US allies and the Afghan government in new round of journey.

According to the newsletter, the journey is continuing till 28th of February.

Previously also several meetings were made by Khalilzad that following his journey to Qatar and holding a six-day summit, Afghani leaders and politicians held a direct talk with armed Taliban delegates in Moscow for the first time.

So let`s look forward outcome of his journeys, whether the Afghan government is satisfied or it is just making the situation worse.

Afghan Peace


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