46 killed and injured in Quetta blast

13 Apr 2019

At least 16 people died and more than 30 others were injured in a bomb blast in Quetta, Pakistan.

According to Middle East Press; the incident took place yesterday in a “Vegetable Bazar” in Shiite community in Quetta city of Pakistan.

Pakistani security officials told Reuters that at least 16 people were killed and more than 30 others, including women and children, were injured.

Some local sources also said that a number of Afghan citizens living in Pakistan are also killed and wounded in the event.

The terrorist group, “Pakistan Movement”, claimed responsibility for the incident.

At the same time, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the executive director of the Afghan National Unity government, condemned the attack.

He wrote on his Twitter account, “The interests of Afghanistan and Pakistan will be provided, when if they work together for removing terrorism.

Based on history of such an events, it is determined that Shiite community in the Quetta was the main target.



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