Taliban`s offensive attack on capital of Kunduz

13 Apr 2019

The armed Taliban attacked from several points on the Capital of Kunduz province last midnight, causing severe conflict with the Security Forces.

Deputy of Kunduz Provincial Council, Amrudin Wali told Middle East Press; the crossfires between Security Forces and Armed Taliban launched last midnight in the Kunduz city and still the Security situation is not normal.

He added that the troops defended their positions last night and today they are in standby mood, and the city has got war state.

According to Wali’s words, the both sides involved in the war have had heavy casualties, but so far no accurate figures are available.

The Spokesman for Kunduz Police, Enamudin Rahmani also told Middle East Press; the clashes have started since last night and still today (Saturday, April 13, 9:30 pm) Taliban have some movements through Charkhab area of Kunduz Province.

He emphasized that the Security Forces are using all their powers to protect the Kunduz city and they will not let the city fall again.

The armed Taliban have increased their aggressive attacks, while they are scheduled to enter peace talks with the Afghan government within a few days.

The city and province of Kunduz are among the insecure Northern provinces, which have been repeatedly attacked by the Taliban and fell to them.

The armed Taliban also said they attacked the Kunduz-Khanabad highway and clashed with Security Forces.



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