A dangerous abductor killed in Kabul

10 Apr 2019

The Ministry of Interior Affairs announces the death of one of the most dangerous kidnappers in Kabul.

According to Middle East Press; the abductor was killed by Kabul Police last night in PD17 of the city.

Nusrat Rahimi, head of the Ministry of Interior spokeswoman’s office wrote on his Facebook page; “around 11 pm, a famous abductor named Imran, wanted by the Kabul Police was killed in PD17 of the city after conflicts with Police.

According to him, he was involved in the killing of several people and kidnapping of a staff member of international offices in Kabul.
Rahimi adds that he was wearing military uniform, from whom police have provided an illegal weapon and car.

Kabul has faced insecurity and criminal offenses such as kidnapping in recent years, which has become one of the major concerns of residents. Criminal charges have now increased in Kabul and more than 100 criminal cases has occurred in last month.

dangerous abductor


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