War against Lebanon and Hezbollah is the Main Goal of Daesh

KABUL: (Middle East Press) General Wesley Clark chief of military operations of NATO in Kosovo in 1998-1999 said in an interview to the journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez of democracy now.org site that the main reason Western governments supporting the terrorist group of Daesh is creating a conflict between this group and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

He said Daesh is in coordination with American policies and you can say actually it has been established and backed by the United States of America. Creating and developing permanent instability in the Middle East and ongoing war in this area is the main purpose of America.

General Clark said America needed paramilitary forces for creating war between them and Hezbollah to balance the military equation in favor of Israel to provide the security of Israel and reducing the power of Hezbollah and engage Iran in resolving the dispute that has been somewhat successful.

The ex-CIA analyst Elizabeth Murray while confirming the words of General Wesley Clark said that CIA played an important role in the establishment and organizing of al-Qaeda and Daesh.

Fight with pro-resistance movements such as Iran and Hezbollah and create a religious war between all Muslims is the purpose of creating these groups.


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