Wahhabism A Deviated Group, Destroyer Of Islamic World

MEP: Egyptian El Watan News carried a report saying that former Grand Mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomma, referring to a quote from the Prophet Muhhamad that “In najd the horn of Satan will be emerged,” said: “The rising corruptions in the world of Islam have originated from this region (Najd).”

He made these comments following a joke from the OIC president, Iyad Madani directed at the Egyptian president El Sisi.

According to the report Gomma said that the policy taken by Saudi Arabia—which claims is the inviter to the world of Islam—is wrong toward the Islamic world especially the Arab countries, because the kingdom has stepped on the path of destroying Islam and the Arab nations.

It is not surprising, he said, because they are followers of this cult (Wahhabism) and its founder. The land of the Two Holy Mosques is the ‘purest’ of lands but the ‘dirtiest’ of rulers reign over it. This folks, he said, have damaged the notion of Islam with their silly and heinous acts.

Ali Gomma had called the Wahhabi leaders ‘seditionists’, ‘unwise’, and ‘captains of hell-bound ships’ earlier during a sermon.


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