US Man Died After Police Pepper Sprayed Him

US manKABUL: (Middle East Press) An African US citizen man has died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama city after he was being pepper-sprayed by police officers inside the custody, Tuscaloosa police said Saturday.

The man, identified as Anthony Ware, died on Friday night after officers used oleoresin capsicum spray to subdue him, said police department spokesman Sgt. Brent Blankley.

Police said Ware ran into nearby woods and struggled with officers when they caught up with him.

The chemical agent debilitates a person by causing temporary blindness and irritating a person’s nose and throat.

Police took the suspect to DCH Regional Medical Center, while efforts were being made to resuscitate him, Blankley said. However, he was pronounced dead in hospital.

An investigation is underway by Tuscaloosa County Homicide unit, but no detail has been provided yet.

So far, several white officers have fatally shot unarmed black men as a result of which there have been numerous protests in cities across the US.


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