US and Israeli footpaths in Kurdish referendum

Kurdistan is a geography bordered by Syria, Iran and Turkey, and this region has been involved in global intelligence games for many years, and countries that want to have a reputation for countries that have borders with this geography have long sought to create an independent state called Kurdistan stand.

The big plan of these countries is to establish a military base and therefore support the referendum in the region, while this referendum and separation are in favor of no country in the Middle East and even in favor of the Kurds.

The prime minister of Israel is the first head of state to defend the independence of Kurdistan, indicating that a great plan for this geography has been shed.

The question now arises is why Israel supports the referendum in Kurdistan, and considers it as the legal right of the Kurdish people, and in Palestine, for many years Israel has been accused of genocide, there is no question.

Human rights organizations in Syria, Iraq, Libya and other Islamic countries condemn the killings of people and, in some cases, have been in action, but for many years the country has been accused of genocide and no human rights organization has uttered its voice.

It is arguing here that Israel is the closest strategic alliance of the United States in the Middle East in support of the referendum, but the United States has called for the cancellation or postponement of the referendum.

Why is this happening? The United States is engaged in war with the Eastern bloc in politics and it seeks to create a climate of trust between the bloc and does not want to destroy the space by supporting the referendum.

The United States wants to use the referendum as the winning sheet in the talks if the referendum in Kurdistan not to succeed but if Kurdistan succeeds; it is unlikely that the United States will create a military pillar.

With the establishment of a military base in Kurdistan, the neighboring countries would come under attack and the game that the United States and Israel have launched in the world will bring it well.

The informants believe that Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) was built by American military support and Saudi financial support in the Middle East, and the Kurds actually fought against this extremist group, which made them want to support the Supreme Leader of Israel.

The Iraqi government’s chancellor has set a deadline for Kurdistan to impose sanctions on international flights, and must hand over airfields to Erbil and Sulaimaniyah to the Iraqi central government.

If these sanctions be added, where will the referendum come to? Turkey and Iran have also stopped their flights to these areas, and Turkey is also maneuvering at the Iraqi borders.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Kurds will remain chilly if they close their borders with Kurdistan. Now, with all the sanctions imposed on the Kurds from earth and air, can Kurdistan stand up to its feet.

What will happen if Iran, Turkey and Iraq make military operations in the Middle East? And all these questions go back to one place; that Kurdish separation is not in the interest of any country in the Middle East.


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