U.S. Sending Troops to Persian Gulf as Tensions Escalate

21 Sep 2019

KABUL (MEP) — Tensions in the Persian Gulf and somehow confronting Iran have prompted the US President to agree to deploy more troops.

The US Department of Defense has said it is sending troops to the Persian Gulf for air and missile defense of Saudi Arabia, MEP reports.

The Pentagon views the move as the first step by the United States in responding to a recent attack on Saudi oil facilities.

A source said the move was a clear message to Iran that the United States supports its partners in the region and secondly that it supports the free flow of vital resources to the world economy.

The US Department of Defense did not specify the exact number of troops deployed to the Persian Gulf.

Tensions rise in the Persian Gulf after Yemen’s army and Ansarullah attacked Saudi Arabia’s largest oil facility at Abqaiq.

The United States and Saudi Arabia said there was no evidence that the attacks originated in Yemen, and the United States said Tehran was involved in the attacks.

On the other hand, Iran has explicitly denied the allegation, saying that the Yemeni army has acquired the technical and military capability to carry out such attacks.

Persian Gulf


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