Jaghato District Recaptured, Cleared

22 Sep 2019

Jaghato district of Ghazni province was fully cleared of armed Taliban after two years during Mobin operations.

The Jaghato district was completely cleared last midnight and national flag of Afghanistan was installed on district`s building by security forces, MEP reports.

The Ghazni Provincial Office released a newsletter saying, Afghan security forces succeeded to recapture all parts of Jaghato district from Taliban militants within two days.

After clearing, the process of creating security bases and outposts at pre-designated locations, especially the Qiyak valley road, which links the districts of Ajristan, Nawur, Jaghouri and Malistan, to Ghazni, has begun, said newsletter.

The Taliban suffered casualties during the Mobin operation of the security forces in Jaghato district, and in addition, five people were captured and more than five of their embedded mines were discovered and neutralized by security forces.

The armed Taliban have not commented so far.



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