The outcome of a meeting between Afghan, American and NATO officials

US Secretary of Defence James Mattis and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg arrived in Kabul today (September 27).

Mattis and Stoltenberg participated in a news conference in the Presidential Palace with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and held talks on the new strategy of the United States, relations with neighboring countries, and assistance and cooperation with the security forces.

With the arrival of US Secretary of Defence and NATO secretary general, the armed Taliban targeted parts of the Kabul airport with rocket launches.

Kabul airport Chief Yaqub Rassouli told media that the rockets hit the air forces’ hangars in the northern part, and added that the rockets were fired from Deh Sabz area of Kabul.

Taliban, which reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack, said that Mattis was the target of the attack.

During this trip, US and NATO officials discussed with Afghan officials about the increase in foreign troops and more support from the country’s security and defense forces.


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