Gunmen kill Afghan soldier in Khost district of Baghlan

Unidentified gunmen have attacked a police station in Palfi Kotel of Khost district in northern Baghlan province in which one Afghan soldier has been killed.

Local sources from Khost district told Middle East Press, unidentified gunmen stormed the police squad last night and opened fire at Mohammad Asghar, the soldier of the checkpoint and then set the shell on fire.

According to sources, two soldiers were in charge of the police checkpoint, one of them was on vacation last night.

We wanted to have Baghlan’s police viewpoint, but did not succeed.

The report comes as on the eve of the Last Eid (about a month before) a car carrying Aziz Rahman Sakhi, a university professor, was targeted at Palfi Kotel, in which one person was killed and several of his family members wounded.


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