Taliban disables telecommunication networks in Kunduz overnight

The interruption of the telecommunication networks in the province of Kunduz has caused a lot of problems for the people and the Taliban are said to have done so to prevent the security forces from night operations.

Provincial residents say the telecommunication networks cut off their services at night, and this has caused people to face a lot of problems.

Mohammad Amin, a resident of Kunduz, told the Middle East Press, that communication networks get disabled from 6:00 pm until 6:00 am and have faced many problems with this area.

Communication, through telecommunication networks, has now become a vital need for their lives, he says, and more than that, they face a lot of challenges if the government does not take serious action to reactivate it.

Omid another residents of Kunduz says that the interruption of telecommunication networks has caused even stroke in their work.

He, the University student adds, “From the night they often need to study their Internet-based lessons every day, they do not have access to the internet for a week, and they still struggle with insecurity in Kunduz.” They even cannot conceive of their relatives.

Local authorities in the province also confirm that telecommunication networks are being cut off from the night.

Police Chief Abdul Hamid Hamidi told the Middle East Press that the spending networks disable from the night in the province, but did not explain about it is reason.

Some sources say the armed Taliban have warned the telecommunication networks to cut off their services in Kunduz at night.

Meanwhile, armed Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid says US troops are using cellular telephones to track their group members, so they have taken action.

Mujahid says this is temporary and it will be resolved in the immediate future.

The report comes as the security forces have intensified their late night operations and targeting the Taliban.

Prior to this, in some other provinces of Afghanistan, the telecommunication network was also cut off by the night.


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