Shooting at Mercy Hospital in Chicago

20 Nov 2018

The incident occurred at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital at about 15:00 local time (21:00 GMT) on Monday.

Eyewitness at the cancer center, I was the gunfire and had to duck down.

2 Female member hospital staff , 1 Police Officer and the gunman died in a shooting at a Chicago’s Mercy Hospital.

Officials said, the gunman appeared to target a woman he was in a relationship with, but they do not suggest a motive.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel confirmed, The two women killed were a doctor and a pharmaceutical assistant.

Multiple shots” were fired after the gunman opened fire in the hospital’s parking lot, Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony said.

Guglielmi said, the gunman had died in an exchange of shots, but it is not clear if he took his own life.

The hospital later confirmed that police were able to secure the area, ensuring the safety of dozens of patients.

The incident comes just days after some US medical professionals became involved in an online campaign protesting against gun violence.

Almost 13,000 people have been killed by guns more than 250 police officers have been shot on duty and 25,000 have been injured so far this year in the US, according to data compiled tracking website Gun Violence Archive.



Mercy Hospital



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