French Protests over Fuel Prices

18 Nov 2018

280,000 people have been marching across France over diesel tax! the Interior Ministry said in its latest update.

A woman has died and more than 200 were injured, the demonstrators block roads across France in protest against rising fuel taxes.

Officials said, 227 people were injured during the day, 7 seriously, when drivers tried to force their way through protesters, and with 52 people arrested during protest across French.

The female protester who died was struck after a driver surrounded by demonstrators panicked and accelerated.

The “yellow vests”, so-called after the high-visibility jackets they are required to carry in their cars, blocked motorways and roundabouts.

In Paris protesters approaching the Élysée Palace, the president’s official residence, were repelled with tear gas.

They accuse President Emmanuel Macron of abandoning “the little people”.

Mr. Macron has not so far commented on the protests, some of which have seen demonstrators call for him to resign.

But he admitted earlier in the week that he had not “really managed to reconcile the French people with their leaders”

The price of diesel, the most commonly used fuel in French cars, has risen by around 23% over the past 12 months to an average of €1.51 (£1.32; $1.71) per liter, its highest point since the early 2000s, AFP news agency reports.

World oil prices did rise before falling back again but the Macron government raised its hydrocarbon tax this year by 7.6 cents per liter on diesel and 3.9 cents on petrol, as part of a campaign for cleaner cars and fuel.




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