Saudi King: Women can drive like men in all parts of the country

Salman bin Abdul Aziz, King of Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday issued a decree that women can drive as men in all parts of the country and have driving license.

The decree will be discussed at a council of ministers of the country and will be implemented by June next year.

The country’s ambassador to the US, Shahzadeh Khalid, has read this day as a historic day, saying it’s a right decision at the right time, Middle East Press correspondent said.

Saudi Arabia was the only country in the world that women were not allowed to drive. And they are supposed to have this right by next year.

The decision of the King of Saudi Arabia came in the aftermath of the protest of women’s rights activists in the country that the activists had begun a protest last year against, why women cannot drive?

Meanwhile, the United Nations has also asked Saudi Arabia to reform the Men’s Mandate and cancel the Women’s Driving License ban.

In the meantime, some “Arabic users” of social networks have written that the government of Saudi Arabia had forbidden women to drive and considered it (Haram) or illegal, now what happened the act turned into Halal work or legal? These writings were followed by a fatwa from a Saudi Wahhabi mufti who said that driving is allowed in the West for women, but not in Saudi Arabia.


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