Iraq to Fill Remaining Cabinet Posts

KABUL (MEP) – The adviser to the Iraqi parliament speaker announced the completion of the members of the new Prime Minister Kadhimi’s cabinet.

Shaker Hamed, an adviser to the Iraqi parliament speaker on Wednesday, June 03, said the cabinet team will be presented to the parliament soon.

Mawazin News reported that the meeting of the parliamentary factions was also chaired by the Speaker of the Parliament, Mohammad Al-Halbousi, and his first deputy, Hassan Al-Kaabi.

Adviser to the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament says; the parliament has been informed that the prime minister has completed the names of the candidates for the vacant ministerial posts and their details will be made available to parliament in the next two days.

Shakir Hamed said a parliamentary session next week would likely be on the completion of al-Kazemi’s cabinet.


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