Saudi Chief Of Customs Reports Of Discontent Among This Year’s Pilgrims

12080739_963790013682119_1956628482_nKABUL: (Middle East Press) Major General Soleyman Bin Abdoulaziz Al-Yahya chief of customs of Saudi Arabia reported that from 1,384,941 entered to the country, 130,000 have left.

Saudi Arabia’s information center for bureau of customs published this report quoting Major General Soleyman Bin Abdoulaziz Al-Yahya and added, poll results conducted among Hajis demonstrate high levels of dissatisfaction with the Saudis’ treatment and deem this country a hospitable host.

Furthermore it was mentioned that the pictures and reports published of the Mina region shows of the incompetence of the Saudi first-responders and the medical relief teams.

This information center added that still one percent of Hajis of Pakistan and Egypt nationalities are unaccounted for in the reports.


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