KABUL: (Middle East Press) Saudi Arabia has beheaded an Indonesian domestic worker who was ‘suffering from mental illness’ in the holy city of Medina.

The victim Siti Zainab is the 60th person to be executed in the Arab state this year.

Her home country’s leadership is furious that Siti Zainab’s family was not notified before her execution Wednesday morning and summoned Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to complain about her death.

The Indonesian maid languished in custody for 15 years, not knowing her fate and has been accused of murdering her employer by stabbing him to death.

Amnesty International reports that, in November 1999, Ms Zainab “confessed” to stabbing her female employer 18 times during a police interrogation, at which she had no consular assistance and was believed to be mentally ill.

Siti Zainab’s execution was confirmed in 2013 after Walid bin Abdullah bin Muhsin al-Ahmadi, the youngest son of her employer, told the court he refused to pardon Siti.

The Indonesian government has issued a statement condemning Saudi Arabian authorities’ failure to notify them and Zainab’s family before executing her.


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