Pakistani general trains Taliban group in Faryab

One Pakistani general in the insecure district of Kohestan in Faryab province is in charge of training an armed Taliban group and organizes the most complex attacks against the security forces.

According to credible information, this Pakistani general has another name in real; however, in the Kohistan District of Faryab, under the nickname of Sheikh Nedamohammad, leading about 900 Taliban militants and organizing complex attacks against Afghan troops, one of the examples, The intense fighting and widespread armed Taliban attacks on the Kohistan district which lasted seven days, succeeded in seizing the area and strongholds of the popular uprisings, which included at least 30 villages.

According to reliable sources from the area, this Pakistani general has been present in the district since ages, and in addition to organizing the dangerous attacks, Taliban militants are trained in the construction of mines.

Security officials in the province have also confirmed the presence of foreigners at the head of the armed Taliban group.

Naeem Khan Andarabi, commander of the Faryab police command confirmed the presence of this Pakistani general in the ranks of the armed Taliban in an interview with the Middle East Press.

He added that about 15 days ago reports have been made available to them regarding this issue.

Prior to this, reports of the presence of Pakistani generals in the Taliban have also been published several times, and a number of Afghan government officials have also highlighted this concern.

General Aminullah Amarkhil, former police chief of Ghazni province, told the media last year that Pakistani generals were among the Taliban in the province and provided them with groundhandling training, in addition to military advisories.

The attack on the Mirzawalang strategic region, which government officials uncovered from the brutal civilian killings of anti-government militants, believed that the organization of the north of the country was out of the power of the internal headquarters of the group and the depth of the disaster indicates the organization of the attack by foreigners.

Currently, parts of the provinces of Jawzjan, Sar-e-Pul and Faryab are witnessing widespread insecurity, and armed opposition always fights against the security forces with the opportunity and strength.

After 2011, slowly spreading the scope of the war from southern to northern Afghanistan, this region, which borders the countries of Central Asia, has grown insecure and the insecurity has grown with each passing day, which now most of its parts are insecure in 2017. And the armed Taliban rule at least two districts and dozens of villages.


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