Fatimid; Shrine defenders, the fight against international terrorism

Who are the Fatimids?

The Fatimids or Fatimyon troops had always defended their areas during the Soviet-era civil war and the war with the Taliban. This division was launched in 2001 after al-Qaeda targeted the World Trade Towers and the United States came to Afghanistan to crack down on the Taliban that after one and a half decades the Taliban still exists in Afghanistan-which has been formed by the interim government by the international community in Afghanistan they broke up and went to other jobs, But after years when the Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) terrorist group in the world began to destroy people and one of their activities was to destroy the holy places and mosques, intended to attack the holy Shrine of Hazrate Zainab (RA). As the news came to the media, some spontaneous young people, reaching 25, under the name of “Haram defenders” joined the war against the terror group with the leadership of Abu Hamad and slowly, slowly, this war took on another form, and the quantity of this group became more and more and developed into the army, which was called the Fatimids, and the Fatimyon or the defenders of the shrine are the Muslim youth of Afghanistan, Pakistan and etc., are now in the operations of all resistance groups, including Fatimyon, Zainabyon and Hezbollah, are in sync with each other.

What activities the Fatimid have done?

The Fatimids began to resist after entering the Karza field and this resistance led the Shiite youth from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran to join the group to defend the holy shrine of Hazrate Zainab, and this group slowly and slowly became a division who are currently around the shrine protecting and other areas. At present, the number of Fatimids has increased; first, the next generation of Lava and then they have turned into a faction where their number can be count to several thousands of them, and are fighting in the form of a cipher in Syria and they are also involved with Zainabyon, and are joining with all the groups against the Daesh.

Why do western and regional media report against the Fatimid?

Western media often have a long-term strategy in place with western governments, and most regional media are part of the Western media pursuing their policies and strategies. After the US failed in Syria, and accepted this failure, it then began a psychological war on the Fatimid as this psychological war also broke out in neighboring countries.

Because the US has defeated by Qassim Suleimani, Hezbollah Lebanon and Fatimid of Afghanistan, it tries to compensate for its defeat through psychological warfare; otherwise, defending the sacred in any religion is not unpleasant, and while the Fatimid defend the shrine of Hazrate Zainab, not only that it is not against religious and human values, it is also the defense of the sanctities.

What is the West seeking in the Middle East?

Western governments in the Middle East are looking for a new order, the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the West African strategy, the Kurdish referendum, and … all are the plans that are related to the new Middle East order. In other countries this program was implemented, but when it comes to Syria As a result, Russia acted as a force and, in cooperation with Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah and Fatimid defeated ISIL, and the rule of Bashar al-Assad remained.

This failure was not digestible to the West, and this catastrophe strained their pride as well as tensing their strategy to a downfall. Now through Afghanistan, they want to push the countries that have been fighting against them in Syria.


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