35 dead and wounded in clashes between Daesh and Taliban in Jawzjan

At least 35 people were killed and injured as a result of a 24-hour conflict between an armed Taliban group and the Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) militants in Qoshtapa district of Jawzjan province.

Aminullah Amin, district governor of Qoshtapa, told the Middle East Press that the clashs began with the Daesh militants launching attack over the armed Taliban positions in the villages of Gardan and Shirbik at 1:00 noon on Tuesday.

Qoshtapa district chief said that the clash lasted more than 24 hours. 11 Daesh rebels and 7 members of the Taliban group were killed and 12 Daesh militants and 5 armed Taliban were wounded.

Mr. Amin added that after the heavy clashes, the Daesh terrorists had captured the two villages and the armed Taliban retreated to the Laily plain.

Previously, these groups have also been involved in the district many times, as Mr Amin governorates, the reasons for which are different religious views on the two sides and the expansion of their activities.


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