North Korea: we can launch nuclear war at any moment

The deputy spokesman for North Korea at the United Nations on Monday (16th October) warned that “the situation in North Korea has reached a point where the country is to launch a nuclear war at any time.”

Kim In Ryong told the Disarmament Committee of the United Nations General Assembly that North Korea is the only country in the world that has been under such a direct and intense threat from the United States since 1970, saying that North Korea has the right to have its own nuclear weapon for defense.”

Pointing to the use of nuclear weapons, Ryong accused the United States of exercising a major system, saying that the most dangerous plan that the United States had recently taken was a secret operation to destroy leader Kim Jong-un.

Remarks by Ryong were made after the recent tensions between North Korea, the United States, South Korea and Australia have risen, and a few days ago North Korea threatened the three countries with a nuclear attack.

The report comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that his country is not in contact with North Korea in economic, scientific and other sectors, and that its relations with the country would be limited by sanctions imposed by the United Nations. The EU also announced new sanctions against Pyongyang to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.


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