Attack on police HQ in Paktia ended with killing of 33

Taliban suicide car bombers and gunmen attacked a provincial Afghan police headquarters on Tuesday, killing at least 33 people, including the police chief, and wounding 160, in the deadliest of a series of attacks across the country, officials and militants said.

“In the morning, a group of assailants equipped with suicide bombers and weapons launched attack on security forces, which is also near the Police Training Center and the Safe Police and Public Order Center,” a statement by the Ministry of Interior said.

The statement added, “the first two cars containing bombs were exploded in front of the patrols of security forces in Paktia, following that, five terrorists using the opportunity attacked the public order police.

According to the statement, five of the attackers who were the armed Taliban were killed and the war broke out.

Three officials told Reuters that the provincial police chief ‘Torialli Abdiani’ was among the dead, »deputy public health director Hedayatullah Hameedi said.

The armed Taliban claimed responsibility behind the attack.


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