Jawzjan Provincial Office Closed for Second Day

11 Feb 2019

A number of protesters gathered near the entrance of Jawzjan provincial building in Shiberghan city and closed gate of the office for the second day.

According to the Middle East Press; the protesters closed the gate of the provincial office and made a demonstration due to lacking of new governor appointment and today (Monday, February 11) they are still doing so.

Protesters say the lacking of Abdul Qaders Malia`s appointment as deputy governor, is a vibrant offence by local authorities and the presidential decree must be implemented.

Holding protest tents, they do not allow provincial governors and employees to enter the provincial office building and calls for resolving this issue as soon as possible.

Protestors, emphasizing that governmental chairs are not bequest, say that they are not advocators of racist and offensive people in the country so jobs should be provided for all fields in the society.

Meantime, Jawzjan governor, Mullah Lotfollah Azizi has said that they have spoken with agents of protesters and asked 4 days for reprieve.

The governor adds that some of the opponents of new deputy governor, yesterday opposed the introduction of Mr. Mallia, in the other hand his supporters protested.

Azizi declared that after both sides` reactions, they decided to resolve the problem referring to residents, in order to maintain calm of the people in the province.

Jawzjan governor did not fully reject the intervention of Abdul Rashid Dostum and his opposition to the lack of introduction of new deputy, saying that “some people here attempt to ethnicize the process and using as their political purposes” not mentioning exact names.

Jawzjan governor’s new deputy was introduced during the past two days, but because of being some problems, has not yet been formally presented his office.



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