Nawaz Sharif Prefers the Prison to the Hospital

10 Feb 2019

The former Pakistani prime minister, who was transferred to the hospital for remedy, said he was not interested in continuing medication and want to return to prison.

According to Middle East Press International section, Nawaz Sharif, refusing maintains at the hospital, stated that “taking repeated experiments is like torture for me, and I want to return to jail as soon as possible, I do not want to be transferred to another hospital for remedy.”

However, Mahmoud Ayaz, the head of Pakistan’s legal doctors, had previously said that Sharif have had heart disease and he has sent the results of tests to the Interior Ministry; Sharif`s condition is unfavorable and should be treated as soon as possible, so there is many unsolved concerns in this case.

Based on claims during Sharif`s administration, he was transferred to prison recently and stricken to heart disease.


Nawaz Sharif


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