Israeli Defense Minister Calls for Execution of Palestinian Prisoners

10 Feb 2019

Israel’s former Defense Minister has called for the approval of death penalty bill for Palestinian prisoners.

According Middle East Press International section; Palestine news agency has reported that “Avigdor Lieberman” yesterday in a Twitter message, emphasizing that it is unacceptable if a Palestinian who has killed an Israeli only face a few years of prison penalty, declared: the legislation for executing all Palestinian prisoners should be approved and they must be executed.

On the other hand, the Israeli Knesset approved last week a bill in which “Jewish Nation-State” would be Known as an Independent government.

Israeli Defense Minister has made such a statements while he is known as a headsman, violator and Palestinian strayer in the country. Additionally, usurper Israeli regime today morning has reported arrestment of a teen Palestinian boy for killing an Israeli.



Palestinian Prisoners

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