Karzai Sharply Warns of Crisis in Afghanistan

25 Nov 2019

KABUL (MEP) – The ex- president believes that Afghanistan is going into crises and there is a serious need to rethink the governance process.

Hamid Karzai said at a meeting in Kabul today Monday, November 25, that President Ghani should seriously review the situation in the country.

He called on President Ghani not to let the country get any worse; “We are in a crisis right now, we should not go in anymore.”

Referring to the presidential election, Karzai added that the election results had to be announced a day after the election, and failure to declare it would indicate that Afghanistan was not an independent country.

The former president reiterated that the security forces must be nonaligned and serve the national interest, rather than being used for personal and political purposes.

He also referred to peace and said he had refused to attend the Qatar summit after President Ghani’s opposition.

According to Karzai, peace is a vital issue for Afghanistan and will strive to achieve the desired outcome as soon as possible.

“The people of Afghanistan want peace, but not at the expense of the 18-year breakthrough, which includes (the Islamic Republic, freedom of speech and the right to vote),” the former president said.

“We welcome the efforts made in China,” he said. We look forward to the meeting to take place as soon as possible, and I hope that both men and women will be present. The government first said the meeting should be country-level, then I drew my name from the list, but later it turned out that some other figures were not, I protested and said the presence of political figures was necessary. ”

The announcement comes as China plans to host a meeting between Taliban and Afghan government officials in Beijing.

On the one hand, the government expects that the process of negotiations to proceed after the release of Anas Haqqani and two other Haqqani prisoners.




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