Nearly Six Million Fines for Cutting Trees

25 Nov 2019

The security company, which had cut down a number of trees along the Kabul field road, paid a fine of nearly six million Afghanis.

A security company three months ago cut down 24 Pines (Najo trees) in order to install security cameras along the Airfield Road.

The Kabul municipality said in a statement today Monday, November 25, that the security company paid a fine of five million seven hundred 60 thousand AFN to the municipality’s bank account.

The statement said that the security company had cut down 24 Pines (Najo Trees) in order to install security camera without sharing it to the municipality office.

The Kabul municipality says the money was taken from the security company as compensation.

The Kabul municipality says that it has put law enforcement at the forefront of its plans to prevent urban abuses.




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