Jamal Khashoggi Body Burned and his Head is Transferred to Saudi Arabia

An international media outlet in a recent report points to the new dimensions of Khashoggis murder.

According to Middle East Press; Al Jazeera TV, gathering information from Turkey Police and Intelligence service, made a documentary under the name of “Where is the corpse?”, in which it is showed that after killing Khashoggi, his head is cut and transferred to Saudi Arabia. His body is put into bags and has been taken to the consuls house near Saudi consulate.

The documentary shows that the Saudi consul burns Khashoggis headless body and 45 other Kilos of meat bought from a restaurant in Istanbul city in an oven inside his yard and it took a period of three days.

In addition, it is noteworthy that this oven was constructed for such a goal five months before the murder, a Syrian furnace constructor who stated it was built according to specifications from the Saudi consul. It had to be as deep as having capacity of barbequing a sheep. But when it was done Saudi consul said that it should be larger than usual standards and gass pipe must be thicker.

But despite the publication of this report, there are still criticisms on disappearance of Khashoggis head.

Although some media have accused Al Jazeera of pursuing political goals against Saudi Arabia, Turkish authorities have long been in good contact with the media, which has given Al Jazeera access to the case.

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