The Day after National Day of Security Forces!!

The (HUT. 9, Higri Solar) is named “National Security Forces Day” and is celebrated every year, in which, Armed Forces dedication and sacrifice is appreciated.

But exactly the day after Armed Forces Day, Taliban group attacked on Maiwand 215 Camp and some sources said the clashes continued for two days, at the same time, Defense Ministry has announced the conflicts had ended by 16 hours.

However, witnesses have said that the attack continued for two days and ANA soldiers were in fight with attackers.
Although three days have passed since the attack, the Ministry of Defense has not yet detailed it and photographs published on social media also indicate a high level of destruction, but no source has explained the details.

It should not be forgotten that the attack took place exactly one day after the “National Security Forces Day (9th Hut),” and the day before beginning of second round of talks between US and armed Taliban in the 5th round of Qatar meeting.

The rationale and basic question is how are the armed Taliban talking to the Americans on Afghanistan Peace and at the same time, they are killing the security forces and children in the country.

It is noteworthy that at the same time, Talibans delegations meet Khalilzad in Qatar, claimed responsibility for attacking Maiwand 215 Army Camp, located in the Shorab military base in Helmand province.

What is the purpose of US-Taliban Peace talks?
Should Afghan children just and only be killed and United States, with all this expenses, finally reconcile Taliban and with no response to Afghans, leave the country?

Since 2001 which US came to Afghanistan in order to defeat Taliban and brought NATO and ISAF in the country; is it suffice for them that hereinafter Taliban will not threat US from Afghan territory?

So who will be responsible for shedding bloods of citizens and National Army Forces of Afghanistan?

If it was a matter of peace with Taliban, why did America come to Afghanistan with huge expenses? Why America spending huge Money, changed Afghanistan to a corrupted country? And why without reaching its goal, it leaves Afghanistan?

On the other hand, the Taliban is supposed to reconcile with whom? If pacification side is United States, then why Afghan nation and soldiers be sacrificed? If the Taliban’s main problem is foreign troops in Afghanistan, why are not their positions targeted?

Regarding to the clashes and the bloody attack on Maiwand 215 Army Camp, another fundamental question is also being created; if the foreign forces leave the country, will they reconcile with Afghan Government, which they call “Foreigners salves”?

In other words, Taliban is making peace with US in Qatar and in the other hand they kills Afghans (in fact who are their country mates).

Such a peace accord is not acceptable for victim families; it must not be forgotten that the United States has had the same goals with all the plans ahead and they will not ignore it in Qatar deals.

Taliban have wrote in an article on their site as follow: “Islamic Emirate Mujahedeen as their religious responsibility and their previous promise, decided to revenge Afghani mothers and childrens blood and fortunately, we were informed that a number of devoted Mujahedeen attacked on Shurab base and afflicted foreigners and their salves heavy and irreparable casualties.”

Which mothers revenge? Which childrens revenge? Whos revenge?

what a bad and unacceptable celebration of Armed Forces Day which occurred a day after the National Security Forces day in Maiwand 215 Army Camp, security forces who, without regard to the cold and warmth, support their people.

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