Haider al-Abadi, Iraqi Prime Minister: ‘Referendum in Kurdistan is over’

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After the Kirkuk occupation of the Iraqi army and the control of the military and airbases, neglect and industrial facilities in the city, Kurdish differences have been created and accuse one another of ignoring the will of their people.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi prime minister said at a news conference in Baghdad that central government forces captured Kirkuk, and he added that “the referendum has ended, and has joined history.”

The Iraqi government invited leaders of the Kurdistan Region to resolve the issue and said that these issues should be resolved through discussion, while the head of the Kurdish government, Masoud Barzani, speaks of hope for this referendum.

Iraqi President Fuad Masum, who also “Kurd” himself, said in a speech that “the referendum was the source of the start of the Iraqi military operation in Kirkuk, adding that” conducting a referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan region from Iraq has strongly disputed the central government And provoked the Kurdish government and led the security forces of the federal government to take control of Kirkuk. ”

A referendum in Kurdistan was held on 25th of September in which the Kurds gave over 90% of the vote for independence from Iraq, but the Kurds had regional opposition to it.


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