The true goals of American presence in Afghanistan

U.S. Marines lower their flag during a handover ceremony, as the last U.S. Marines unit and British combat troops end their Afghan operations, in Helmand October 26, 2014. REUTERS/Omar Sobhani

Yet again US foreign policy establishment makes an illusion of strong engagement with negotiations between Taliban groups and government in place. All this illusion is shown by absence of common ground between US President D. Trump, Department of State (DoS) and US military command in Afghanistan.

Amidst DoS South and Central Asian Affairs Senior Bureau Official Alice Wells statements about US Administration readiness to negotiate with Taliban and hold an associated meeting in Qatar, American military forces is still bombing Taliban bases with making collateral damage. According to UN data collateral damage due to US leading alliance air force attacks has increased by 52% in 2018. Herein the major part of killed and wounded are woman and children.

Recently Washington has made a decision to retain and even increase OTAN military prescriptive in Afghanistan. At this point US is to demonstrate the priority of force solutions to all aggrieved parties involved. It is possible that Americans make attempts to score political points for the following conversation with talibs by looking to involve Taliban representatives in negotiation process. It seems like the “noble” American diplomacy has not drawn a lesson from the experience of US presence in Afghanistan during 17 years.

This kind of American tactics (hardly to consider as a strategy) has already lead to offensive blows of Taliban groups on government and alliance forces in Wardak, Faryab and Nimruz Provinces. Concurrently Taliban warlords declare their deep mistrust to promises of Americans who conduct support to ISIS, the major adversary of Taliban.

Meanwhile apart of talibs warring with ISIS the heads of several Afghanistan provinces confirm the facts of US and OTAN support to Islamic State. The presence of American helicopters and transport near ISIS locations in terrorist controlled regions does not cause surprise anymore….

Possibly one can surprise such combination of incompatible parts, however we can see the Americans perfect the ancient Roman maxim “divide and rule”. Having pro- American government set up in Afghanistan, supporting ISIS force projection and simulating negotiations between Taliban and Afghanistan leadership, US expect to run this “directed chaos”. Nowadays we face the latest American “know-how”: the using of terrorist organization for achieving US foreign policy priority goals – worldwide military presence.

So what leaves to Afghanistan peaceful population tired from 17-years war, bombings and killings that have been accompanying the country since US invasion? Afghanistan deputy corps representatives has given a request to stop the blind airstrikes on Talibs locations coursing collateral damages and to clearly investigate each of such cases with guilty persons prosecution. It is however this is the only thing that could benefit from US and alliance presence in Afghanistan.


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