“Exalis” Behind The ISIL’s Brutality

KABUL: (Middle East Press) It is not hidden from anyone that ISIL has committed crimes against the most primary principle of human dignity but also It is impossible that a person with the power of human reason & human nature committees such crimes; so it has made many individuals to discuss the hidden reason of committing those inhumane acts.

Many theories have been raised about the lack of humanity in ISIL elements. The people who are seen in the horrific images and videos using an invention of new methods for their crimes no-record in human history, it is clear they do not feel any mercy and humanity for their fellows; something that many analysts believe these people are affected by chemical substances that effect on their brains and any understanding or compassion and humanity is taken away from them.

What passed were only theories about the unknown substance using by ISIL elements that may be influencing their behavior. But a few days ago unprecedented news was announced by laboratories of Medical University in Baghdad. In which, following the capture of dozens of ISIL elements in Anbar province during massive anti-ISIL ops by popular mobilization forces, after intensive experiments on them surprising results were obtained during the past days.

Based on these tests, it was discovered that all these people suffer from a deficiency of a chemical in their brains called “dopamine”.

According to Dr. Ingo Vernaleken who studies the Impact of dopamine on Aggression(Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, RWTH Aachen University), the lack of this substance in the brain leads to increased aggression and loss of values and principles, as well as the death of the human conscience.

Based the research on ISIL elements captured by Iraqi forces, it was found that commanders of this terrorist group persuade their elements to use fragrances and adornment under the pretext of making themselves ready for meeting hoor al-‘ain in jannah. It is said that these elements have to use a special perfume daily and especially before the operation. One of the captives said the perfumes branded EXALIS, a manufacturer in France.

The surprising result was obtained from the date of foundation of this company which appeared in “Al-Sharq al-Awsat” magazine on Wednesday, July 2003, and No. 8996: Mansour al-Hussein, lawyer of French perfume company “Prestige” in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, unveiled the new French- Saudi partnership with capital of 100 million riyals (26.7 million dollars). Foundation of this Saudi-French “Exalis” company was developed with capital of 20 million riyals (5.3 million dollars) in addition to partnership in the establishment of three France factories and 12 exhibits in France Arabia.

One side of the partnership is Mansoor Hussein and the other side is the French company “Prestige” headed by Mohammad Alomar French-born designer of French perfumes.

Considering the date of foundation of this company, it will be revealed it is precisely coincided with the American occupation of Iraq and the establishment of the first phase of Jamaat al-Tawhid wa’l-Jihad (Organization of Monotheism and Jihad) or “Jihad’s Base in Iraq”. This organization was the branch of al-Qaeda in Iraq and the first core of terrorist organization ISIL; which led researchers to explore the relationship between the two issues:

This type of perfume and one of its components that is “anti-dopamine” material. It absorbed through the skin and nasal mucosa and reduced levels of dopamine of the brain and causes the symptoms that already have mentioned in this article.


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