Arsal People Want To Resistance That Release Their Region As Well As South

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Over more than two years of suffering from the practice of Takfiri groups on Arsal heights, as well as the residential area, residents of the area, with a loud voice, want to get rid of these groups and their Strict actions.

Ahmad Alhajiry, Arsal public school teacher, describe situation of the region and its inhabitants, more than two years ago, since terrorist groups arrival to this region: after the entry of terrorists in the region, the people situation worsened, we have seen unprecedented words and behavior that for anyone who would disagree with their views on any subject, thus, according to their saying, religious orders performed and attempted murder and assassination of their opponents.

One of the locals who did not want revealed his identity, Arsal described the area occupied by non-Lebanese terrorists were occupied who entered the country under the pretext of freedom of the Syrian people, but committed the most heinous terrorist acts.

He also stated that the area are occupied now, this situation was no different to occupation of southern Lebanon by the Zionists and their crimes against the residents of the region.

He continued: Now, there is a public demand on locals people that want of resistance and the Lebanese army to release them of occupation such as south.

We have trust to resistance and their combatants despite extensive advertising of media to incite and religious conflict, because we have seen resistance fighters how to interact with people in the south after the liberation it’s by Zionist regime in 2000.

We have seen that this interaction were on the basis of moral excellence, out of all regional aspects, religious, and only to protect the Lebanon interests




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