Zana Khan city in Ghazni fell into Taliban hands

24 Aug 2017

“Zana Khan city in Ghazni province fell into Taliban`a hands earlier this morning” Ghazni provincial council said

Khleghdad Akbari, head of Ghazni provincial council, told The Middle East Press Talibal last night attacked Zana Khan city from several directions and early this morning took control of this city.

“Now the fire exchanges are going on around Zankhan city and three HMMWV and 1 Ranger belonging to police are seized by Taliban” he added

Criticizing the government for not being able to set a security in Ghazni province, the head of Ghazni provincial council said either the government wants to give some villages away to Taliban or the policy towards Ghazni is unhealthy since Ghazni provincial governor knows a little about governing.

Describing misgoverning of Ghazni provincial governor as the reason behind the fall of the city, Akbari warned if this is to continue, more cities will fall.

Meanwhile, the head of Ghazni provincial council, said some other cities in Ghazni are exposed to fall. The government should appoint a knowledgeable as a governor to Ghazni: a person having tact to keep cities in Ghazni immune against Taliban attack.

Seizing Afghan security weaponry and controlling of Zana Khan city are confirmed by Taliban.


Zankhan city in Ghazni fell into Taliban hands

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