World Remain Silent Over Announcement of Afghan Presidential Poll Results

19 Feb 2020

KABUL (MEP) – Incumbent President Ashraf Ghani has been declared the winner of Afghanistan’s second term presidential election by IEC, almost five months after the poll.

The announcement of final results of the presidential election poll has faced many internal reactions, and the only “government-building” campaign led by Mohammed Ashraf Ghani declare joy because of their winning.

The CEO Abdullah’s campaign team, which had withdrawn from the audit process before the announcement of the results, declared victory based on clean and biometric votes and announced the formation of an inclusive government.

But the surprising thing about the announcement of the presidential election was that there was no immediate statement from the foreign countries, especially the neighbors of Afghanistan and the US, as a strategic partner.

Nearly 20 hours after the announcement of the results, neither the leaders and officials in the neighboring countries nor the United States have recognized Ghani as the election victor.

Even Donald Trump, who is always online on Twitter and has a special Afghanistan issue, has not given a short tweet.

In addition, the US embassy in Kabul, which has always responded to election controversy, has not responded in the past 20 hours.

Even the Taliban have reacted to the incident, but other officials are unlikely; perhaps they are aware of “behind the scenes” issues that people are unaware of.

Khalilzad and the US chargé d’affaire’s meeting with Dr. Abdullah may be part of the “behind the scenes” issues; perhaps a decisive decision on the Afghan election issue has yet to be made.

However, after the announcement of the preliminary results of the election, the US Embassy and the UN Office in Kabul responded and congratulated the people of Afghanistan.

As well, a number of foreign leaders and officials responded and congratulated Afghan people on the announcement of primary results.

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