‘The International Community To Help Afghanistan When Needed’

r9w8rweMEP: UN envoy in Afghanistan promised that the international community will help Afghanistan and its people in the solid times and when needed.

Tadamichi Yamamoto, representative of the United Nations (UN) during an official visit to Baghlan province in a meeting with local officials of the province, announced from the continued assistance of the international community to the people and government of Afghanistan.

The UN official added that the Afghan people need more of these aids and the international community is committed to help Afghanistan when needed.

He also pledged to local officials in helping on education, health care, agriculture, development and security.

Yamamoto hoped that based on the agreement took place in Baghlan, security will be better and more fields will be conducive to growth and infrastructure development in the province.

Meanwhile, Baghlan governor Abdul Satar Barez is also optimistic about the improvement of situation in the province and called the visit of UN envoy “effective” to the situation, development, security and other sectors in the province.

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