The Hashtag #usaweaponskillsyemenis Goes Viral, Reaching 250 Million Tweets

US tweet(Sana’a, Yemen) — Last Wednesday, American anti-war activists launched the hashtag #usaweaponskillsyemenis campaign and inundated social networking websites with waves of international condemnation against U.S. negative role in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ countries, namely Washington’s cowardice support for Saudi-led war on Yemen.

The campaign allegedly reached a record high of 250 million tweets and topped a list of hot hashtags for several hours with hundreds of articles and pictures explaining U.S. complicity in Saudi atrocities.

Human Rights Watch in its report dated on November 26, 2016, blamed Obama administration for violating Human Rights, conniving at Saudi barbarous aggression against innocent civilians and being directly responsible for the killing of hundreds of Yemenis by selling unconventional arms to Saudi regime.

On 26 March 2015, following the fall of its puppet dictator Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, Saudi regime launched an all-out war on Yemen accompanied by its satellite Gulf sheikhdoms, targeting Yemen’s infrastructure and army.

Riyadh’s insistence to not allow a popular government rise to power in Yemen —for fear of jeopardizing its interests in that vital part Arabian Peninsula— was reinforced by Britain and United States.

The Wall Street Journal in scathing attack on Obama’s policy in Yemeni crisis claimed that America has violated the laws of war by taking side in the hostilities and the clear fact that U.S. provides Saudi regime with banned ammunitions, (e.g. cluster bombs).


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