The Chief and Staffs of Electoral Commissions Banned from Exiting Country

13 Feb 2019

Twelve members of IEC and IECC including its chairmen, have been banned by the Attorney General’s Office.

According to Middle East Press, the Attorney General Office has appointed a delegation to investigate a case that had been appealed by the Investigative Organization for alleged misuse of responsibilities by chiefs and former members of the Independent Election Commission and the Electoral Complaints Commission.

Attorney General newsletter indicates, the delegation has banned outgoing twelve former members of the IEC and the IECC including heads of both institutions, in order to complete investigation and all-inclusive checkouts.

According to the newsletter, the Attorney General Office assures that the case will be investigated justly and fairly under orders of legislation, in even-handed and independent manner, based on the documents and evidence provided by the authorities and individuals during the investigation. The delegation will make decision on their responsibility and share it to people.

However president Ghani, today evening (Wednesday, February 13) dismissed the chief and members of Electoral commissions.


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